HB Forgotten


5 EK


Instant max Lvl

Windowed mode

And much more!

HB Forgotten

Full game folder! You download this the first time you join then you use the launcher to update the game. Whenever there's a update available the game launcher will notify you.


Here's a little map guide to help you out

  • Elvine
  • Aresden
  • Wyvern
  • Abaddon
  • Hc/Tw


Here's some of the most popular builds used ingame!


500 STR
236/207 VIT
700 DEX
36/65 INT
10 MAG

36 int for para and 65 int if you want to use Strombringer


30 STR
242 VIT
10 DEX
500 INT
MAG 700

Battle Mage

Coming Soon!

Amp Warrior

Coming Soon!


Here's some things you can try if you can't get the game to work. If these dosn't help you please come to discord and we will do our best to help you!

Windows 10 issues

Windows 10 HOME = Run the client.exe in compability mode win98
Windows 10 PRO = Run the client.exe in compability mode win7

Launcher issues

Coming Soon!

Dxdnw.ini Issues

Coming Soon!

Other Issues

Alt-Tab Fix (See picture)
Helbreath is not meant to be run with dual screens so it will lag, press winkey+P and choose main screen only.